Shane Cooper Featured in Country & Town House Article: Could Super Facials Surpass Injectables?

Could Super Facials Surpass Injectables?

"Shane Cooper and Keren Bartov are particularly known for their high-tech wizardry. From her four- storey clinic in Notting Hill, Bartov offers some 50 different modalities. There’s a bushel of lasers, lights, radio frequencies, ultrasound and collagen-stimulating cold plasma. ‘Our speciality is how in one treatment we combine perhaps five machines,’ she says. The lifting and firming effects are sufficiently potent that results can last up to two years.

There’s a similar array in Cooper’s arsenal, beloved by ‘snatched’ stars including Cara Delevingne and Sienna Miller. ‘My toolkit includes an army of medical grade machines, which can be tailored for muscle lifting and skin tightening,’ he tells me. Again, he builds them, using up to six in a single session to maximise the effect."

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