Shane Cooper in Vogue article "Kendall Proves Summer Skincare Doesn’t Stop At Your Face "

Well, would you look at Kendall Jenner lying on a sun-lounger, all lithe and glossy bare limbs. Summer inspo in one Instagram snap, her post got the team talking at Vogue House: how exactly does Kendall get her limbs so smooth and even-toned?

Of course, getting some sun on your skin helps (as does youth – she is 26), but as a model and member of the Kardashian family, it’s highly likely that Jenner takes a lot of care over her skin, both at home and in clinic. “I’ve noticed that people are taking as much care of the skin on their bodies as their faces nowadays,” says aesthetician Shane Cooper, who treats everyone from Maya Jama and Phoebe Dynevor to Sienna Miller. “People want to look and feel great – and keeping your skin healthy and rejuvenated is all about self-care.”

His first piece of advice is to always use a decent SPF while lying in the sun, particularly if, like Kendall, you’re not one for beach cover-ups. Not only will it protect from potential skin cancer, but also pigmentation and premature ageing. “Drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet is also key, and dry body brushing can help stimulate the lymphatic system,” which subsequently helps get rid of toxins and reduces water retention.


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