Aqua Glow Facial

Aqua Glow Facial (Suitable During Pregnancy)

This treatment is delivered by our advanced practitioner and is suitable for all skin types.

The Aqua Facial involves the use of three individual handpieces and a combination of acids.

The first is a water-based peel with sequential acids, used with a vacuum to remove all those impurities including dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads.

The second piece of equipment is the mesoporation handpiece, which uses hyaluronic acid and serums to restructure and oxygenate your skin’s tissue ensuring it’s fully moisturised.

Finally, the Diamond-Grain hand piece is used to exfoliate and polish the skin.

Finishing off with the “Shane Cooper UK Anti-ageing Oxygenation Mask” combined with LED light therapy.



Is the Aqua Glow the same as a HydraFacial?

The Aqua tight is a more advanced and bespoke facial treatment, as it involves more steps and a selection of serums and peels that can be combined and are selected specifically for what your skin needs.

Are the results immediate?

The skin will look and feel more hydrated, tight, and smoother with a radiant glow after this treatment. The skin will continue to improve over the next couple of days.

Is the Aqua Glow good for acne?

Yes, as it removes congestion from the pores which causes inflammation and breakouts. We can also tailor this treatment so it is focused on improving acne-prone skin.

Is the Aqua Glow suitable if pregnant?

The Aqua Glow can be adapted so that is it suitable for pregnancy while still achieving a deep cleanse and glow.

How do I maintain the results?

We suggest having this treatment monthly for the best results. Drinking your daily recommended water, and having a balanced healthy diet is recommended, as well as cosmeceutical skincare and SPF daily. Shane has created the Shane system for maintaining results.

How often can I have this treatment?

For those with stronger skin concerns, this treatment can be done weekly. As maintenance to see that long-term glow and deep cleanse, we recommend having them once a month. Charmaine will always advise, depending on the skin type and areas of concern, each client will have a tailored treatment plan designed for them.

Will I be red?

You may experience redness for a couple of hours if you have sensitive skin.

Can I apply make up after my procedure?

Ideally, it’s great to let your skin settle for 24 hours. However, if needed you can apply makeup after having the treatment, just ensure it is thoroughly cleansed off before bed.

When can I go to the gym?

You may return to exercise and the gym, the following day.

Does this treatment have any downtime?

The skin will feel and look amazing with a beautiful glow, but it is advised that for 24 hours post treatment to not do any activities that will bring further heat to the skin (e.g., sauna, jacuzzi, steam room). As well as avoiding the use of any AHA’s or BHA’s, retinol and facial scrubs for 3 days post-treatment.

What is the difference between the Aqua Glow and Aqua Tight?

The Aqua Glow does not include Radio Frequency, whereas the Aqua Tight does. If you were looking for more of a lift and anti-ageing effect, we would recommend the Aqua Tight.


  • The Team

    Within the clinic, we have a small, full-time team. This includes Shane, Craig and Charmaine, who dedicate each day to delivering the highest standards of bespoke treatments to all clientele. If requested, you can have our female practitioner Charmaine for body treatments.

  • Consultation

    A consultation will take place on the same day as your appointment. During our consult, we advise the specific treatments that will best target your regions of concern, devising and implementing a treatment plan accordingly. We utilise only the highest calibre machinery with evidence-based results and deliver a bespoke experience to each and every client.

  • Booking and Cancellation fee

    All treatments are priced per session. Due to demand, it’s recommended to book your appointments in advance, especially if you are booking multiple sessions. There is a booking fee required to secure your appointment. The fee will be deducted from your remaining balance, which will be paid in full on the day of your appointment.

    Cancellation Policy:

    Cancelled within 72 hours prior to treatment incurs the lost of the booking fee amount.

    Cancelled within 24 hours incurs 50% of the treatment price.

    Cancelled on the same day or no show incurs a 100% fee of the treatment price. 

  • Treatment Courses

    A booking fee will be taken for all courses, and the remaining balance to be paid in full on the day of your appointment. This is non-refundable and courses need to be used within 6 months from your first session.


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  • “His eponymous London clinic regularly replies on a combination of 16 different medical-grade machines to address concerns including cellulite and stretch-mark reduction, as well as skin smoothing on the inner thighs, stomach and backs of arms”

  • “If you’re seeking change and a long-term revamp, Cooper will do his upmost to work his magic.”

    Evening standard
  • “A combination of no less than three different machines aims to delivery serious hydration whilst sculpting and lifting your skin, all in the chic surroundings of Cooper’s South Kensington mews clinic.”

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