This is the ‘skin workout’ that gives Maya Jama her incredible Love Island glow

Love Island is back, baby. As well as throwing up some new unrealistic body standards (foot size shaming, anyone?), the new season gave us Maya Jama in all her glory.

Audiences were so gassed to see Maya as the show's new presenter that she immediately started trending across social media - and her glowing skin did not go amiss. 

So what's her secret? A strict ‘skincare workout’ enforced by aesthetician to the stars, Shane Cooper, that involves regular ‘workout-style’ treatments that are adapted to the state of her skin to ensure it stays dewy and glossy.

Speaking to GLAMOUR, Shane said: "Maya has been a regular client of mine for the last five years and she comes into the clinic a few times a month, depending on her schedule. Her treatments vary from helping with general skin maintenance to more in-depth bespoke treatments for events such as red carpets, awards shows and now Love Island.


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