"The demand for my treatments is ever increasing and the results are amazing and speak for themselves. My bespoke body and face treatments are undoubtedly the best way to keep a fresh appearance without going under the knife" - Shane Cooper

Shane’s clients include the likes of:

Cara Delevinge, Sienna Miller, Barry Keoghan, Poppy Delevinge, Suki Waterhouse, Dan Levy, Ellie Goulding, Phoebe Dynevor, Nicola Coughlan, Josh O'Connor, Vicky McClure, Vick Hope, Billie Piper, Sheridan Smith, Lydia West, Saffron Hocking ,Edith Bowman, Mabel, Raye, Oti Mabuse, Hannah Waddingham, Kathryn Drysdale, Savannah Miller & Abbey Clancy.

Shane also has high profile clients that like to remain private.

  • "Shane’s facials are incredible. He has the newest technology for achieving instant results, and a deep knowledge of skin. You glow for weeks after visiting him. The products are also fantastic and luxurious. He’s a one stop shop!"

    - Sienna Miller

  • "I have been Shaned, thanks for my skin!"

    - Rita Ora

  • “Thank you Shane my skin feels soooo fresh and awakened”.

    - Jessie J

  • “Love having my bespoke head to toe treatments with Shane Cooper. I feel like a new women”

    - Emma Bunton

  • “Freshest kid on the block”

    - Anthony Joshua

  • “Shane’s bespoke head to toe treatments are amazing. Love my results every time”.

    - Lily Allen

  • “Heard a lot about this man… Time to pop my Shane Cooper Cherry.”

    - Emma Willis

  • “Shane is as good as entertaining you during your facial as he is as making your skin look like a new born baby. I felt comfortable. I woke up the next day feeling fresh, revitalised & cute. I highly, highly recommend him, he is a G.”

    - Maya Jama

  • “Shane’s bespoke facials keep my skin looking youthful and fresh. Love how he creates every treatment tailored for my skin. All non-surgical and non-invasive.”

    — Rochelle Humes

  • “I love Shane’s facial as I really wanted something to make me look fresh, healthy and radiant. My skin is super clean and healthier than ever. People keep asking me WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? I’ve not done anything - Shane did it.”

    — Nick Grimshaw

  • “I’m so happy I found Shane via a close friend. I love his treatments and the way he made it all completely tailored to my face and body. Shane’s bespoke treatments are like no other! Results are amazing and all non-Surgical.”

    — Kimberley Walsh

  • “Love Shane’s bespoke treatments for cellulite reduction, body contouring & skin tightening. Everything is completely tailored to my body and face. The results are Amazing.”

    — Demi Rose

  • “I really wanted to have some treatments with Shane. I hear amongst the industry he is a legend! My skin has never felt so beautiful after his incredible non-invasive treatments, I am hooked and come out feeling years younger.”

    — Kelly Brook

  • “Love Shane’s non-surgical face treatments for collagen boosting and contouring.”

    — Mollie King

  • “I’m now at an age where I need to look after myself. My head-to-toe bespoke treatment was amazing. I am absolutely thrilled with my results, my skin feels incredible.”

    — Denise Van Outen

  • "So lovely having treatment that was completely tailored for my skin! Love my results and looking forward to my next appointment with Shane.”

    — Stacey Solomon

  • “Thanks Shane for sorting my mush out! Skin feels way better.”

    — Brian McFadden

  • Shane’s bespoke treatment is like no other facial I’ve had before. Love how he completely tailors and combines his treatments. I feel confident without wearing make-up.”

    — Sarah Lindsey

  • “Absolutely love Shane’s bespoke face and body treatments. I’m addicted! Can’t wait for my next one as his results are just amazing.”

    — Vogue Williams

  • “After my first bespoke facial with Shane I got up to look at my skin and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had never seen my skin look like that before. I was glowing and so happy. Shane is such a wonderful and personable energy to be around.”

    — Nicola Roberts

  • “Starting my bespoke non-surgical treatments with the amazing Shane! My skin feels flawless.”

    — Gail Porter

  • “Each treatment with Shane is like a catch up with a friend. He talks you through every aspect of his magic facial touch and sings along to the radio to pass the time of the slightly more unpleasant beauty boosts. My face leaves feeling, and looking, refreshed and revitalised and stays that way until my next quarterly appointment”

    — CJ

  • “I am so happy that I am one of Shane’s clients. He makes me feel so at ease. He is such a lovely person and is so welcoming. I am concerned about the effects of ageing. Shane has recommended specific treatments for me personally and I am very pleased with the results so far. I could not be in better hands”

    — Julie R

  • “First time getting face treatment of any kind so I was nervous and not sure what to expect. However the whole team at Shane Cooper, were extremely professional from start to finish helping with all my questions and were very informative. The office is easily accessible and in a great location which helps. The initial consultation is helpful in case you have any questions, everyone at the venue makes the treatment as pleasant and comfortable. Even after the treatment was done the team took time to see how we felt. Great service and end product.”

    — Ravi Jassal

  • “I’ve had skin and cellulite treatments done with Shane and I couldn’t be more happy with my experience. Not only has he been super welcoming and professional, I’ve gained so much confidence in myself from his treatments. Finally my skin is glowing and the transformation with my cellulite is honestly amazing! I’m so excited to continue with more of Shane’s treatments and only wish that I could have started going to him earlier on in my life!"

    — Lara Melkonian

  • "The best glow up possible! I cannot rate Shane and his professionalism highly enough. From the moment I entered his practice, I was put at ease and Shane went through the best course of treatments for my acne scarring, all of which were bespoke to me. He listened to my concerns and mapped out a plan, and after 6 treatments my face and my confidence has been completely transformed. I look and feel amazing and now have the confidence to go make-up free. Shane truly cares about his clients and every session I have he is always attentive and thorough. I honestly believe he’s the best at what he does and will only be using his services. Thank you Shane, you’re incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and talented!”

    — Sangita S

  • “I’ve had many facials over the years and lord knows spent a lot of money on treatments that simply don’t work. There’s one main difference with Shane’s treatments ... THEY ACTUALLY WORK! I first met Shane a few years ago when he came to my house to do me a bespoke treatment. He made me feel comfortable and confident . Having a treatment with Shane and his team is like meeting up with your friends for a coffee and a good chat. It’s always a pleasure !”

    — Brook Bond

  • “Shane's bespoke body and facial treatments have made me a very tired mum of two that works night shifts look fresh faced, youthful and revived. My skin has been tightened and lifted the heavy cellulite on my thighs has been dramatically reduced that I now am confident enough to wear bikinis again! Haven't done so for years. My stomach has been contoured and firmed I now have an hourglass figure with a lifted bum! Shane's treatments have helped to empower me in my 40's and he is such a calm positive genuine person so happy to have found Shane Cooper and his treatments.”

    — Sofie Perry

  • "My beauty guru is Shane Cooper for facials. As I've got older, I've started taking more care of my face, and over the past year I've been going to Shane, who has a clinic in South Kensington. He does lots of different bespoke treatments and I always feel great when I come out of there."

    — Harry Lambert


  • "Shane’s mask is magic. From the moment you apply the serum to when you wash it off, you feel instantly hydrated and ready to face the day - and the best part, it takes no time at all! My skin feels amazing after using it and it’s perfect for this time of the year when the skin is exposed to the cold weather. I truly love this product and would recommend it to anyone!"

    — Maya Jama

  • "Cooper’s first at-home product is an anti-ageing oxygenation mask and proves a brilliant pick me up for dull skin. The mask provides an intense moisturising foam that quickly restores radiance. It’s the perfect fix between visits to Cooper’s state-of-the-art Gloucester Road clinic."

    — Forbes

  • "My favourite thing about Shane Cooper’s products is that I can feel it doing something, I see the result on my face and the instant hydration results on my skin. For the amount that I travel, hydration and oxygen in my skin are keys to making me feel confident to go on stage and live my life. I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!"

    — Jessie J

  • "Got that Shane Cooper oxygenation mask going after a long day of shooting! Love This."

    — Rita Ora

  • "To all the people texting my Sis asking what work i’ve had done . . . Shane Cooper."

    — Jessie Ware

  • "Just Bloody Good."

    — Rochelle Humes

  • "You can hear the fizzing! Shane Cooper I live for your oxygenation mask."

    — Annie Mac

  • "Skincare guru Shane Cooper is the man behind the mask that celebrities swear by. The expert responsible for Jessie J and Rita Ora's glowing complexion has created his first skincare product."

    — Evening Standard

  • "Cannot recommend Shane’s products enough. Stops you from looking like a knackered toddler."

    — Emily Atack

  • "I’d heard about Shane and his product for a while, I’m yet to meet Shane for one of his bespoke facials, but if they are anything like his Mask i’ll be glowing. Its like a magic mask! Skin feels incredible."

    — Vicky McClure

  • "It’s the one product that I get the most compliments on, whenever I use people ALWAYS say ‘Oh have you had a facial??’ I love using it, as it's quick and easy. It feels active and the results are always immediate."

    — Nick Grimshaw

  • "I have been using my oxygenation mask by Shane Cooper over the course of the last week and OOOOF has my skin been gooooood"

    — Sophia Hadjipanteli

  • "After using Shane Cooper’s Oxygenation Mask my skin is defiantly radiant, its like an oxygenation bath for your face. Its Great!"


  • "Shane you are the master!!! This is the skin care I’m in love with. My lines are decreasing. My skin feels tight, glowing and more alive. I absolutely love it! The hero set by Shane Cooper."

    — Lynda J Pearce

  • "I’m literally obsessed with this product, this is not an ad I just love things that work. My new must have, perfect treatment to use at home."

    — Abbey Clancy

  • "I always use Shane’s mask before every event and every party as it’s that little bit more than your usual mask or moisturiser. It plumps the skin and makes it look clearer, brighter and better than anything else I use - the more I use it the healthier my skin seems to appear."

    — Nicola Roberts

  • "I’ve been a client of Shane Cooper’s for some time now and think he’s absolutely brilliant. I was so excited when he told me he had created a product I could use at home and his Anti-Ageing Oxygenation Mask has become a staple in my skincare routine. It’s simple and quick to use and delivers instant, long-lasting results - I love this product and am confident anyone who tries it will love it too."

    — Kelly Hoppen

  • "I write about Shane Cooper often because his products are unreal."

    — Suzanne Baum

  • "Skin Magician extraordinaries hero skin set… Could not recommend Shane and his products more."

    — Emma Lucy

  • "Shane’s Anti-Ageing Oxygenation Mask is my essential go-to-product for when my skin needs a little pick me up. Ahead of long days filming, Shane’s mask makes me look and feel great!"

    — Denise Van Outen

  • "Feeling fresh and tingly, giving my skin a bit of TLC using Shane Cooper’s Oxygenation mask."

    — Nilam Holmes