Get The Gloss: Why do celebrities love facialist Shane Cooper so much?

Why do celebrities love facialist Shane Cooper so much?

Because he can do amazing things to your face (and body) with his shiny, hi-tech, machines, without the use of any surgical procedures. He’s also great fun, as Kerry Potter discovers

Sienna Miller, Maya Jama, Hannah Waddingham, Abbey Clancy, Vicky McClure, Lily Allen… it might be quicker to list the British celebrities who aren’t clients of Shane Cooper. Operating from a chic, discreet mews clinic in South Kensington, London, he gets extraordinary results with his bespoke face and body treatments – impossibly gleaming skin, disappearing double chins, noticeably tightened bum cheeks. Just take a look at his Instagram feed. And, believe it or not, none of his procedures are surgical.

How does he do it? The deliciously chatty 34-year-old wields over £100k of top-end beauty devices and tools, offering LED light therapy, radio frequency, HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound), Cool-lifting and much more. And his mastery of them is second to none, a result of years spent fiddling around with beauty gadgets. When he was young, his mum, who loved salon visits, splashed out on a micro-current facial machine to use at home. Cooper was transfixed, learned how to use it, found he had a natural affinity for beauty tools and went from there. One man and his machines.

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